CBD Capsules


INGREDIENTS: Granulated Industrial hemp resin (cannabis sativa L.), magnesium stearate, talcum,AR-vegetable capsule (vegan and vegetarian friendly): hypromellose. This product contains a specially selected mixture of food grade and natural substances only.

30 Capsules

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CBD CAPSULES contain granulated CBD crystals [full range cannabinoids] encapsulated in a vegatarian friendly casing. CBD CAPSULES are a dietary supplement, and should be taken once a day, with a drink, before eating.

How to use

CBD CAPSULES are a dietary supplement that contains crystalised CBD in a vegetarian friendly capsule. Our recommended usage is that CBD CAPSULES should be taken once daily, with water, and before food.


DOSAGES: 1 bottle of CBD CAPSULES contains 30 capsules. Approximate CBD CAPSULE CBD content in 1 capsule: 10MG PER CAPSULE.


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