Aqua Drops 5%


CBD crystals purified from industrial hemp extract (cannabis sativa L.) natural terpenes, and an emulsifier solution to bind it all together. This product contains a specially selected mixture of food grade and natural substances only.


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AQUA DROPS are a water soluble solution, this means that they can be quickly and easily added to drinks and foods to create CBD infused beverages and snacks quickly and conveniently

How to use

AQUA DROPS are a water soluble product. AQUA DROPS can be added to food and drink to create CBD infused edibles. AQUA DROPS are fast acting, and will take effect in 5-10 minutes after consumption.


1 bottle of AQUA DROPS contains 10 equal doses of 1ml. Approximate AQUA DROPS CBD content in 1ml: 50MG


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